Project Ascent 展翅計劃

Trip to Taiwan and China:7/29 – 8/11

課程內容 Program Content
領袖訓練 Leadership Training
‧理論實踐、相輔相成   Principle and Practical
      。研討會 Seminars on the field
      。策劃及帶領夏令營 To organize and to lead summer camp
文化體驗 Cross-cultural Experience
‧親身經歷、融滙貫通  Personal and Observational
      。與當地學生互動切磋 Interaction with the locals
      。參觀名勝古跡 Sightseeing
傳遞愛心 Love in Action
‧為孤寡貧窮籌款   Fund raising for the destituted
     。探望貧困家庭 Home visit
     。帶領夏令營 Leading summer camp
                1) 屏東伯大尼之家(智障兒童)Bethany Home for mentally challenged    2) 陝西咸陽貧困中小學生Xianyang, Shaanxi (children in poverty)

費用 Program fee: $1,600.00
包括 Including:
行程所列一切入場費、膳宿及交通費  Land transportation, accommodation, activities and admission fee as specified in the itinerary, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, bottle water
不包括 Excluding:
機票、簽證費 、旅行保險、護照申辦、電話費、郵件、行李超重、記念品、小食等私人開支    Air ticket, passport application fee, visa application fee, travel insurance, personal phone call, snacks, laundry and other personal expense.

錄取資格 Admission Criteria:
• 升讀十至大學一年級的學生 Students entering into 10th Grade – college for the 2017-2018 school year
• 願意擴充視野的學生   Students who are interested in expanding their horizons
• 願意學習關懷弱勢群體的學生  Students who are interested in making a difference in other people’s lives
• 註冊費 Registration Fee: $50.00   (恕不退還non-refundable)

角聲家庭中心   Herald Family Center   查詢電話  Enquiry  : 626-286-2600 x 42

* 學生可獲得60小時社區服務證書   *60 community hours will be awarded

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