Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC)


The Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC), a Christian social service organization, established in New York in 1982. Its goal is to serve the needs of the Chinese-Americans, many of whom are immigrants from Asia.

Current Organizational Structure

Besides the Headquarter in New York, branches also operate in Southern California, Northern California, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Canada, Hong Kong, England, Europe, Australia and China. Each branch runs its own ministry in its local area to serve the needs of the Chinese population.

Scope of Service

Through the support of a large group of volunteers, we provide social services in many different areas. Below are examples of activities offered at our Southern California District:

◎ Community Services

Provide free legal consultation; assist in application for various government programs or senior housing, filling out government forms, or letter-writing and translation; offer ESL classes, etc.

◎ Cancer Services

Provide prevention education and cancer screenings; hold cancer patient activities and services; provide cancer info including Chinese publications, workshops, etc.

◎ Family, Counseling & Education Services

Provide professional counseling on marriage, emotional problems, youth-related issues, etc; offer parenting seminars and classes; hold youth enrichment programs, etc.

◎ Health Services

Provide basic health care, dental care, immunization, etc. We also have satellite sites located in Rowland Heights, Orange County and San Diego.


Video Hallway

For more video clips, please go to CCHC-LA Chinese Front Page.

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